Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kwon Ji Yong

I'm just finish watching Korean variety show called 'Night After Night'. There's a part where the host asking Jiyong about what are the things that he feel it's hard to bear? For those who didn't know there's a lot of controversy being hit him in 2009. Starting from the plagiarism controversy over his song called 'Heartbreaker' and his first solo concert at the Olympic Park in December 2009 sparked controversy following complaints of obscenity and suggestive content.

Below are the answer by him for the question that been asked to him;

"I think this is the very first time to talk about my plagiarism controversy on television. It sound different because of the difference in thoughts and we could not just decide who's right or who's wrong. It was opportunity for me to ensure that i would avoid making the same mistakes again next time."

"I knew that as a singer, my job was to show improved music instead of sitting down and writing my thoughts so i keep moving on and concentrated on my music promotion."

"I feel hurts by lots of things. At the time, I avoided answer calls from my parents and friends. I felt like sinning every time I looked at people. It was sort of depression. I thought hearing people's thoughts, opinions and critics will be the end of it but there were comment such as 'You should commit suicide'. I can take criticism, but hearing that comment I began to wonder what I had done to make these people leave such hateful replies toward me. The hateful replies left me wounded but seeing those comments, I just need to accept it. Anyway this is something I've always dream of, so I had to handle it. The members were a big help to me. While listening to my music, I realized that I just needed to dream bigger and being grateful to even more people. So I need to be sure that I won't be shaken by it."

"You should commit suicide"?

Jiyong-ie, I'm happy that you just accepted it and pretty much ignored it. Well it's hard to satisfied everyone in the planet but sometime people just to harsh to others by giving such comment. You're a talented young man. I'll always support you and I will always be a VIP :)

BIG HUG from Bna

*credit to NAN